Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy holidays

and just in time for christmas, the velveteen rabbit in a stocking.
and also- to give credit where credit is more than due- my lovely friend morgan frailey made the bunny that i used for reference based off of my character turn around in exchange for a crumbly top apple pie. she is magic. check out her etsy, where she sells hand made monsters (for money, not pie).

black and white spots and a cover illustration

in order from the top:
the cover
the last page "that looks just like my old bunny"
sleeping with the bunny
a mass of scarlet fever germs
a conversation with the skin horse

more velveteen rabbit

a full pager. here the velveteen rabbit is talking with the real rabbits. exciting!

the velveteen rabbit

i illustrated that velveteen rabbit for illustrated book, this is one of the spreads. acrylic on bristol.


this was an illustration for a stamp. i'm not too crazy about it, but my teacher liked it so here you go. i did this after a ten hour drive back to baltimore post-thanksgiving. hooray!


an illustration for the movie "changeling".

Monday, December 22, 2008

the end!

a portrait of she and him, the assignment was, and i quote: " a band portrait, like for a magazine". i picked she and him, because they are just so charming. and by they i mean zooey deschanel.

this semester has finally come to an end, and i can't say i'm sad to say goodbye to fall 2008. this has been a tough semester work-wise. i've been in a mysteriously persistent artistic slump and haven't really been happy with a lot of the work i produced this semester. hopes are high for the spring, though. 15 credits and one job is going to seriously lighten the workload, and i should have more time to devote to each assignment. i'm also taking a painting class in hopes of reconnecting with my inner painter.
i made the epic journey back to the icy tundra that is rochester on saturday. (seriously, upstate new york, 13 degrees? really?) and in between defrosting my appendages and scraping ice off of my car (the doors of which froze shut and prevented me from leaving the house earlier) i've got a poster job in the works for a singer/songwriter show at the 8x10, and two anatomy books that i am going to try and plow my way through.

and now, a poem because i am feeling kind of nutty. ok, fine, because i am actually nuts:
oh, goals.
so ephemeral in nature,
endure! the impending indolent tide
of winter break.

happy holidays. watch some jingle cats, drink some cocoa, and enjoy the season.


Sunday, November 9, 2008


i am in no way shape or form an organizer of information (or anything for that matter) so when presented with the assignment to make a map this week i was at a bit of a loss. i ended up coming of with this solution instead- it's a map of sorts, right? right. i haven't turned it in yet but i'm not afraid to resort to my powers of hypnosis if i have to. it's charcoal, and if you feel up to reading all the writing you had better be ready for some really exciting information about my living room.
this week is going to be a long one, but there is a lot of fun to look forward to in the next few months, kicked off by the decemberists concert i went to last night with my friend rachel who came to visit me from philly! i'm headed to new york on saturday to attend picturing politics at parsons, and as an added bonus i get to see my friend sima while i'm there!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

sketch post

this morning i went to an open rehearsal of the BSO with the drawing as illustration class that i TA. it was pretty wonderful, they were rehearsing Franck's symphony in D Minor when i did this drawing.

here is the drawing:
and an overly dramatic not-as-good recording of the piece:

happy halloween!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Live at the 8X10!

This is a poster that's going to be used to promote a show at the 8X10 in Federal Hill. Billy Redfield is headlining, with Mike McFadden and The Stugottz. The show is at 10:30 on October 17th, so check it out if you can, or at least go steal the poster!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

back to the drawing board

cheesy titles aside, this semester has been crazy! i'm taking three studio classes, ta-ing a freshman studio elective, an art history, and a science course. I'm also working at the desk still, and babysitting for a lovely family in towson. needless to say, i haven't got a lot of spare time on my hands. i though i would take a few moments before bed and update here, mostly because at the end of my four day class marathon i need a little break from working.
i have some really great new neighbors, and i've re-arranged my room so that i can work at my new drafting table. i'm looking forward to heading down to florida in october with my aunt, to visit my cousins and their little girl, who is turning four. i'm working on business cards, which will be making an appearance soon i promise.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a new portrait in progress

branching out, look for more small furry animals. this one needs work still!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

here are the latest two portraits, this series is still in progress, i just need more faces!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final Series

it's been about two weeks since school let out, and i've been recuperating from the school year. i went home for a week and i got to see most of my beautiful friends, spend mother's day with my family, and watch one of my sister's softball practices (her team is currently 3-0!). i'm back in baltimore now, saving up some money, exploring a little, and putting my website together. here's some work from my illustration two final, 3 out of 4 pieces, i decided not to put one up. this series was going out on a limb for me- i usually stay away from backgrounds, and you know, things that aren't portraits. i think it went pretty well, but i still have a lot of work to do. from top to bottom these are: rip van winkle, the death of arthur, and the lorelei. acrylic and charcoal. for the lorelei i experimented with colored pencil lines, but i wasn't very happy with the result, so i switched back to charcoal. that's all for right now. once my camera battery charges up i'll post the last two portraits from my independent study.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


my sophomore year is less than two weeks away from being over, and just like everybody else, i'm being eaten alive by finals. unfortunately i'm also being consumed by a cold which is leading me to need copious amounts of sleep. You can imagine these two forces colliding, it's been a fierce battle, plenty of carnage (powdered graphite, emergen-c wrappers, tissue boxes) but sleep has been winning out.
i'm also continuing my search for a job here in baltimore, where i plan on being for the summer with the exception of a few weeks. i'm updating with a few images from my sketchbook that i've been scanning in for my visual journalism class. i really love working in my sketchbook as of late, and i hope to keep posting images from it.
in other news, for once the scheduling gods have smiled upon me due to mica's long overdue transition to a system that lets you register first come first serve according to how many credits you've got. i'm taking all of my first choice classes; concepts, painterly drawing, illustrated book, and a few academics.
also, keep your eyes open for www.marissalanterman.com! if all goes according to plan it should be up in june.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

surprise! more portraits!

here are a couple portraits i've been working on- powdered graphite, pencil, and white acrylic on gessoed masonite. i think im going to work on the bottom one some more.

valentines day

an older piece, the assignment was just "valentines day". don't ask. just accept it.

intangible box

this assignment was to create a package for something intangible. i picked secrets. the construction of the box is a little shoddy, but when i finally get a working scanner i'll be able to scan all the images in and put them together a little better. acrylic and colored pencil.

andrew bird

a portrait assignment: pick any musician. i picked andrew bird because not only does he play the glockenspiel, violin, and guitar; he's just adorable. acrylic with black colored pencil lines.

i've given up on the scanner and started photographing stuff. this was for an article about dusty springfield, who is a fantastic singer from the 60's.

Monday, April 14, 2008


ok. thanks to the unending generosity of my parents and the amazon giftcards i've been hoarding i'm now the proud owner of a mustek scanpro scanner (is scanpro scanner redundant?). problem is, i can't get it to work! anybody who happens to be good with computers and can figure this thing out shoot me an email! i really want to put up my latest work. i ran the installation disk and installed all the drivers etc. do i have to uninstall the old driver? help please! mlanterman@mica.edu.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New work soon, I promise. I just have to get around to scanning it in at some point. I need to look into getting a new scanner, since my current one is about the size of my palm and attached to my printer which is broken. It seems sort of silly to keep a bulky dead printer because there is a tiny scanner attached to it, when I really need a bigger one anyway! So after spring break, look for new things scanned in with a shiny new scanner.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The colors managed to get all washed out here somehow, the original is a lot warmer. An experiment with implied narrative. I'm happy with this one! I was looking at Cecilia Beaux and my good friend Sargent when I did this.
Here's a detail of it too- my favorite model, who also happens to be my roommate, Cait.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A triptych. Kindness vs. envy. To the right is Kindness, the left is envy. Acrylic again.

an illustration of a short story, six words: tick tock tick tock tick tick. the concept was biological clocks, slowing it down or stopping it. this is acrylic, and a little ink.

Friday, January 25, 2008

an assignment to create a poster for a concert. i picked neko case's fox confessor brings the flood tour. the album is mostly based on russian folk tales about animals. sounds weird, i know, but the resulting music is really beautiful. i looked at colors and patterns from pysanky for reference.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


this was a free assignment for my painting class, i decided to tackle a couple large scale figure paintings, and really try to push the color. i'm not as happy with this painting as i was with the other. i might go back in and make some changes to the background.
hello all! i created this blog to keep you updated on my artistic doings at MICA. check back every couple weeks. i'll try to be better about photographing everything, from sketch to finish. i'll start by posting some of my work from last semester that i'll be submitting for this years competitive scholarships.