Monday, December 22, 2008

the end!

a portrait of she and him, the assignment was, and i quote: " a band portrait, like for a magazine". i picked she and him, because they are just so charming. and by they i mean zooey deschanel.

this semester has finally come to an end, and i can't say i'm sad to say goodbye to fall 2008. this has been a tough semester work-wise. i've been in a mysteriously persistent artistic slump and haven't really been happy with a lot of the work i produced this semester. hopes are high for the spring, though. 15 credits and one job is going to seriously lighten the workload, and i should have more time to devote to each assignment. i'm also taking a painting class in hopes of reconnecting with my inner painter.
i made the epic journey back to the icy tundra that is rochester on saturday. (seriously, upstate new york, 13 degrees? really?) and in between defrosting my appendages and scraping ice off of my car (the doors of which froze shut and prevented me from leaving the house earlier) i've got a poster job in the works for a singer/songwriter show at the 8x10, and two anatomy books that i am going to try and plow my way through.

and now, a poem because i am feeling kind of nutty. ok, fine, because i am actually nuts:
oh, goals.
so ephemeral in nature,
endure! the impending indolent tide
of winter break.

happy holidays. watch some jingle cats, drink some cocoa, and enjoy the season.


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