Thursday, September 25, 2008

back to the drawing board

cheesy titles aside, this semester has been crazy! i'm taking three studio classes, ta-ing a freshman studio elective, an art history, and a science course. I'm also working at the desk still, and babysitting for a lovely family in towson. needless to say, i haven't got a lot of spare time on my hands. i though i would take a few moments before bed and update here, mostly because at the end of my four day class marathon i need a little break from working.
i have some really great new neighbors, and i've re-arranged my room so that i can work at my new drafting table. i'm looking forward to heading down to florida in october with my aunt, to visit my cousins and their little girl, who is turning four. i'm working on business cards, which will be making an appearance soon i promise.