Tuesday, April 29, 2008


my sophomore year is less than two weeks away from being over, and just like everybody else, i'm being eaten alive by finals. unfortunately i'm also being consumed by a cold which is leading me to need copious amounts of sleep. You can imagine these two forces colliding, it's been a fierce battle, plenty of carnage (powdered graphite, emergen-c wrappers, tissue boxes) but sleep has been winning out.
i'm also continuing my search for a job here in baltimore, where i plan on being for the summer with the exception of a few weeks. i'm updating with a few images from my sketchbook that i've been scanning in for my visual journalism class. i really love working in my sketchbook as of late, and i hope to keep posting images from it.
in other news, for once the scheduling gods have smiled upon me due to mica's long overdue transition to a system that lets you register first come first serve according to how many credits you've got. i'm taking all of my first choice classes; concepts, painterly drawing, illustrated book, and a few academics.
also, keep your eyes open for www.marissalanterman.com! if all goes according to plan it should be up in june.



ybryksenkova said...

i am so excited to be finding that people whose work i admire are on this thing! i just made mine a couple of days ago. can i link to your blog?


marissa said...

wow, do you know i thought no one commented on my blog until today? of course, i would be delighted, i will link to you immediately!