Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final Series

it's been about two weeks since school let out, and i've been recuperating from the school year. i went home for a week and i got to see most of my beautiful friends, spend mother's day with my family, and watch one of my sister's softball practices (her team is currently 3-0!). i'm back in baltimore now, saving up some money, exploring a little, and putting my website together. here's some work from my illustration two final, 3 out of 4 pieces, i decided not to put one up. this series was going out on a limb for me- i usually stay away from backgrounds, and you know, things that aren't portraits. i think it went pretty well, but i still have a lot of work to do. from top to bottom these are: rip van winkle, the death of arthur, and the lorelei. acrylic and charcoal. for the lorelei i experimented with colored pencil lines, but i wasn't very happy with the result, so i switched back to charcoal. that's all for right now. once my camera battery charges up i'll post the last two portraits from my independent study.


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