Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words On Wheels

Where I’m From
Adapted from George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From”
by Mary Hager
School: Midtown Academy
Teacher: Whitney Ward
Grade: 6

I’m from fresh cookies,
I’m from clean laundry and chocolate fudge.
I’m from my reading chair
(green, soft and warm)
My chair feels fuzzy and fluffy
I’m from a mess, the basement in the middle of construction
Dusty, dirty, dingy.

I’m from the Milky Way bar,
Creamy chocolate, sticky caramel and fluffy nougat.

I’m from my mom’s sewing machine,
Donna and Paul
I’m from Bolton Street and no pulp orange juice.

I’m from gooey fudge brownies and gold lemonade.
I’m me.

This is an illustration for a poster that might (fingers crossed!) be printed and displayed on the MTA transit system. The poems are written by Baltimore city school kids, and the illustrations are done by MICA junior illustrators. More soon!

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